Coding opens up new career opportunities, develops problem-solving skills and makes your CV stand out
Coding opens up new career opportunities, develops problem-solving skills and makes your CV stand out
The virtual video-tour contains 6 short films introducing successful female IT professionals in different countries and presenting their career and lifestyle.
The product includes texts with resumes of the characters. You are welcome to choose what place to visit, what character to review, or whom’ s resume to read.

Ana Barros from Portugal tells you about her IT career and lifestyle.

She said in order to be successful you have to "Be truthful and focused on goals - Does your job make you compromise with something or make sacrifices? I commit myself to delivering the best service to the Client and that will go according to their real needs and expectations."
Stanislava Kirova from the Netherlands is a successful woman in the IT area. She states regarding her professional beliefs: "I am passionate about technologies but what interests me most is the way we use them today to solve complex business and humanitarian problems. I am a strong believer in Blockchain technology and I am constantly educating myself while working with Blockchain companies from all over the world."
Erdős-Kedves Ágnes form Romania works as a Project Office Manager and she states regarding her job skills: "The base skill for getting done right anything is patience and perseverance backed by a humble addiction to the things that you are doing. As working in a team is essential in my work, a good feel of interpersonal relations is a needed skill that is not easy to develop. Sometimes vendor based skills and knowing what your clients want by the way they hold their eyes is necessary to obtain good results as a relationship manager." Linda Farrelly from Ireland She said in order to be successful "You must fully believe in what you are doing. I wholeheartedly believe that the RISCalert platform will transform how emergency agencies and others will communicate with their communities before, during and after a crisis. Nine to five hours don’t exist, you are doing whatever you can do to push the business forward. That may be composing emails at 6 am or reading the latest industry insights at 2 am. You become the business."
 Mező Sarolta is a QA Manager in Romania, her work philosophy is "I think one is successful if s/he feels really good at his/her job. This is fairly enough to feel and to be successful.  Ángeles García Gil from Spain is a Programmer Analyst and she tells you how she deals with mistakes in her work: "When I detect an error, I try to notify as soon as possible foreseeing consequences, designing the plan to resolve the error and / or asking for help to resolve it if necessary."
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