A guided introduction to the world of ICT for women
A guided introduction to the world of ICT for women
“LIFT: Ladies Code Their Future” project has reached an important milestone: the LIFT Training Curriculum has been developed in cooperation among the project partners. See the next page for details. The project partners also started the development of the LIFT Learning Platform. This platform will include learning materials that help develop the ICT skills of women as well as a multilingual, guided introduction to coding, namely introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript.
- Improve confidence of women in their capabilities through a training and coaching program;
- Enhancing digital literacy and basic coding skills of 50 disadvantaged women;
- Enhancing (through coding education) transversal competencies of the target group, such as creativity, interpersonal cooperation, cross-cultural cooperation, communication in a universal language, combining several concepts for problem solving, improve the clarity of expression, using ICT for learning).
Would you like to have a clear understanding of the accurate participation rates among women in education and employment in the IT sector?

The real barriers which hinder their further participation in this sector? Their level of ICT competence and confidence to use their ICT skills in a work-place environment and what types of training and additional supports these women need to be economically active in the IT sector?
"Women are under-represented among ICT specialists in all EU Member States; a striking contrast with total employment where the genders are broadly balanced. Figures show that in 2016, an overwhelming majority (83.3%) of ICT specialists employed in the EU were men. This was the case in every EU Member State."
(Eurostat News Release, July 2017)
A guided introduction to coding for women who want support and encouragement to challenge the “ICT glass ceiling” and make the first steps into the world of ICT.
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