Coding opens up new career opportunities, develops problem-solving skills and makes your CV stand out
Coding opens up new career opportunities, develops problem-solving skills and makes your CV stand out
LIFT multiplier event and promoting the Erasmus+ programme in Romania organsied by Spektrum Educational Center.
Thanks to our international partners: Meath Partnership and Inthecity Studio, as well as to our local partners Magtár and Directweb, and special thanks to all the participating organisations for their genuine interest in our messages.

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Erasmus+ strategic partnership building opportunities for SMEs, NGOs and local authorities

Would you like to train your employees, to find new international partners, to benefit from knowledge-transfer, to develop new training programmes and materials, to get your training programmes funded? All these are possible if your organisation develops a strategic partnership project with at least three other European organisation, within the Erasmus+ programme.

The LIFT project participate in the CODE WEEK activity on 11 October 2019. 
On Friday for everyone will be the opportunity to try the LIFT platform on the Spektrum Educational Center and get some good practices from the coding learning.  

If you read more about the event, please visit the next link: https://codeweek.eu/view/243927/programozas-alapszinten-holgyeknek.
“LIFT: Ladies Code Their Future” project has developed the LIFT Introduction to Coding Training Programme and is now available on www.ladiescode.eu
Now you can learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming FOR FREE by joining our training.
Meath Partnership held a seminar “A world for women too” in Ireland last week in Bellinter House.
The presentation of the LIFT project and its outputs increased the awareness about IT and coding as a profession, that can help women move towards self-realisation, but at the same time giving women a certain autonomy and freedom to continue with their lives and responsibilities.
The event was attended by disadvantaged women living in the region, representatives of adult education institutions, local NGOs and public institutions.

Do you want to work on your basic IT knowledge?
And learn to code?

With the LIFT project you can broaden your digital horizon!
"LIFT" online platform will be used during this inspiration day of the project. There is also a workshop to learn how to code!
The pilot training in Portugal was held between 16th of April and 6th of June. On the course there were 11 participants who tested the LIFT online learning platform.
We will start pilot trainings soon in each participating country. For details please contact the project partner from your country:

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