A guided introduction to the world of ICT for women
A guided introduction to the world of ICT for women
<What this project is about?>
  • Improve women’s ICT confidence and ability through a tailored training and coaching programme;
  • Enhancing digital literacy and basic coding skills of disadvantaged women;
  • Enhance, through coding education, the transversal competencies of the target group focusing on skills such as creativity, interpersonal cooperation, cross-cultural cooperation, coding communication, problem solving and self-expression.
<Project news>
“LIFT: Ladies Code Their Future” project has reached an important milestone: the LIFT Training Curriculum has been developed in cooperation among the project partners. See the next page for details. The project partners also started the development of the LIFT Learning Platform. This platform will include learning materials that help develop the ICT skills of women as well as a multilingual, guided introduction to coding, namely introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript.
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