A guided introduction to the world of ICT for women
A guided introduction to the world of ICT for women
<What this project is about?>
  • A transnational needs analysis report on female participation in coding and programming;
      - Transnational Report;
      - Executive Summary.

  • A Curriculum for basic ICT competence development, including basic coding and programming competence;
  • An online learning platform that will host competence and confidence building open education resources introducing women to the world of coding;
  • An ICT Roadmap presented as an empowerment tool for women;
  • A virtual video-tour in the world of role models focusing specifically on female IT specialists in Europe.
<Project news>
“LIFT: Ladies Code Their Future” project has reached an important milestone: the LIFT Training Curriculum has been developed in cooperation among the project partners. See the next page for details. The project partners also started the development of the LIFT Learning Platform. This platform will include learning materials that help develop the ICT skills of women as well as a multilingual, guided introduction to coding, namely introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript.
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